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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The racist fun and games carry on...

Today in Ha'aretz, Uzi Benziman laments the 'fact' that Arabs living in Israel supported Hizbollah during the last war. He leaps from the correct assumption that
"To Israeli Arabs, the Israel Defense Forces operation was unnecessary, disproportionate and caused abominable injustices to their Lebanese brethren."
"During the recent war, a line was crossed: Arab Israelis did not hesitate to openly express their support for the enemy and preferred their bonds with the enemy over their obligations to the state of which they are citizens."

As I posted on this blog a while ago, there is no statistical evidence for Arab citizens of Israel's support for Hizbollah. Benziman attempts to disguise his racist nonsense by calling Efi Eitam's support for 'transfer' racist (which it is, but that doesn't diminish from the racism in the article) and other such attempts to place himself as a 'moderate'. The veil is rather thin...


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