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Thursday, September 14, 2006

More on Cluster Bombs

The Ha'aretz editorial today condemns the use of cluster munitions by the army. Good.

I'm further convinced that there needs to be an official commission to investigate the use of these weapons, especially the level at which the decision was taken to do things like '"flood" an area with cluster bombs'. While that would in no way absolve the higher command (if indeed the order came from the mid-level), it would clear things up a great deal.

And if the order came from the top, well, then we will have confirmation (once again) of the willingness of the Israeli state to commit massacres.

In the interest of balance (and in this case, truth), let me note that Amnesty's new report accuses Hizbollah of war crimes (I entirely agree). Here also is Amnesty's call to action on cluster munitions.


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