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Thursday, September 14, 2006

More non-racist Israelis

I always enjoy reading the Israeli far-right. I wouldn't find them disturbing if they didn't have so much damn power. These crazy wingnuts have 20 seats, fully one-sixth of the Knesset. Nine seats for the National Union and eleven seats for Yisrael Beiteinu (Israel Our Home), whose platform isn't radically different. Throw in the Likud, whose platform is just a touch less radical, and you get 32 seats - over a quarter of the Knesset - for parties to the right of Kadima. That's excluding the ultra-orthodox parties, who in some sense fall outside the political left-right continuum, but often support right-wing policies on Arabs. Include them and you're up to fifty seats and getting pretty close to half the Knesset.

So anyway, here's an op-ed that appeared today in NRG, the online version of the right-wing newspaper Ma'ariv. Translation and notes are mine, Hebrew original to be found here.

It's Not Racism
Aryeh Eldad explains that voluntary Transfer, as proposed by Rehav'am Ze'evi [1], is the only way to prevent war.

This week the country was stormy after my friend, the member of Knesset [MK] Efi Eitam said at a memorial for the hero Amihai Merhavia [2] in Eli. What did Eitam say? If the Arabs continue in their war of destruction against us we will be forced to expel them. And if the Arab MK's continue to support the enemy - they will find themselves outside the Israeli political system.

The Left is up in arms. "Racism, incitement, sedition." "Here is the proof that Kahane [3] has come back to life." Even in the National Union there were those who were horrified, anonymously, and said that Transfer is not in our platform. I do not mean to be Efi Eitam's interpreter, but I speak for Moledet, a member of the National Union, and the Moledet manifest includes voluntary Tranfer.

Rabbi Kahane called to expel the Arabs from the land of Israel. It was a roaring call from a national Jewish heart, that couldn't stand the fact that there are Arabs who murder Jews in the land of Israel, that Arabs control parts of the the land of Israel as if it is their own and control, due to us, the Temple Mount, our holiest place. The courts disqualified Kahane as a racist, and he was no longer able to contest Knesset elections.

As opposed to him, Rehav'am Ze'evi did not roar from his heart. He presented a policy program. He understood that the state of Israel would not survive in the land of Israel unless we control the area between the Jordan River and the sea. He also understood that in this land the demographic problem [4] will sooner or later become decisive. And he also understood that the Arab refugees are the true infrastructure of terror and a continuing humanitarian problem that Arab use to turn the world against us.

Ze'evi's policy platform, as opposed to Kahane's roar from the heart was designed to solve three basic problems while sticking to the framework of law. The program he proposed: "Jordan is Palestine," included a resettlement in Jordan of Arab refugees and the development of water, energy, housing and workplaces through significant investments in Jordan.

That program is today the only realistic policy program that has not yet been tried and failed. In contrast to Oslo, Geneva, the disengagment and the convergence, and the roadmap, that all provide the basis for the establishment of a terror state in Judea and Samaria, crashed down over and over again.

It's Possible that the Program will not even be Offered to them

The division of the land [of Israel] has been tried since 1922 and Churchill's white paper [5]. Every division brings to more wars. There is one thing we have not yet tried: to resettle the refugees in Jordan or in Northern Sinai with international agreement.

And to those who won't want to leave the West Jordan, we will offer residence in Israel and Palestinian citizenship. They will go to the post office in Ramallah and will vote for the Palestinian parliament in Amman. Just as today we accept that they go to the post office in East Jerusalem and vote for the parliament in Ramallah.

Many support this program. Even more say "great, god willing, but it's not realistic, Jordan won't agree. The Arabs won't leaving willingly." As for Jordan, if we investigate deeply we will learn that the most severe threat to the existence of the Hashemite kingdom, in their view, is the foundation of a Hamas government in Judea and Samaria. They know they will be next, and Israel will have no interest in saving them.

In contrast, Jordanian agreement to this plan would ensure them a certificate of national survival from Israel, in whose interest it is that the Hashemite monarchy rule its people. The Jordanians wouldn't do so if there won't be Arab and Western support for the plan. The US is recruitable, and if this becomes Israel's only plan, no Palestinian state, no roadmap, Geneva or Oslo - there is even a chance to convince Europe to join in on a move that has not yet been tried.

And if the refugees won't agree? Israel's job is to prevent terrorist groups from threatening the residents of refugee camps with arms. To enable those who today live on US$700 a year to freely choose if he wants to continue his miserable existence in Balata refugee camp or to move across the Jordan to Irbid, start a new life, and earn US$7,000 a year.

So what did Efi Eitam say? That if the Arabs continue to fight us and to aim to destroy us, it is possible that even this program won't be offered to them. It's possible that as happened in Southern Lebanon, hundreds of thousands whose homes that were used as shelters for launching katyushas were destroyed, and they will be forced to leave. If Judea and Samaria become a base for terror, we will be forced to bomb there too and to destroy thousands of homes and expel hundered of thousands. He who chooses war and ties his civilians to him cannot shout 'racism' when we describe in his ears what may happen in the future.


[1] Rehav'am Ze'evi (also known as Gandhi) was the founder and chair of the Moledet party, now subsumed into the National Union. He was assassinated by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in 2001. From the eternally faithful Wikipedia: "In a radio interview in July, 2001, Zeevi claimed that 180.000 Palestinians worked and lived illegally in Israel, then referred to them as "a cancer" and said that "We should get rid of the ones who are not Israeli citizens the same way you get rid of lice."" Nice man, really.

[2] Amihai Merhavia was a 24 year-old Israeli commander killed in the Hizbollah stronghold of Bint Jbeil during the war. He was one of the the settlers resisting the evacuation of Havat Gil'ad, an illegal settlement/colony outpost. The evacuation was rather brutal. I've been maintaining for a while now that the Israeli far-left would be far more credible if it seriously opposed the police brutality exterted in the evacuations of illegal outposts while supporting the evacuations themselves.

[3] Rabbi Meir Kahane was a founder of the Jewish Defense League, a Jewish terrorist organization operating the US and elsewhere. He advocated not only Transfer, but the creation of a Greater Israel ruled by a Jewish monarch. Sounds a bit like Jewish Iran to me, but you know, that's just me, I suppose. Kahane's Israeli political part, Kach (Hebrew for 'Thus') was banned from Knesset elections for being racist in 1985. The party and it's supporting organization Kahane Chai (Hebrew for 'Kahane Lives') were banned in 1994 after one of their members, Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinians in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron). Kahane himself had been assassinated in 1990.

[4] The so-called 'demographic problem', parroted by almost everyone in mainstream Israeli politics, is the fear that Arabs will outnumber Jews and thus take over the state, making it no longer Zionist/Jewish. The far-right advocates Transfer mostly because of its belief that Israel must control the West Bank and Gaza and must ensure Jewish/Zionist rule. The center and center-left 'solutions' are focused more on preventing West Bank and Gaza Palestinians from becoming Israeli residents. This is the basic for the rather racist 'Family Reunification Law' enacted in 2003 and upheld by the Supreme Court in May 2006.

[5] Churchill's white paper of 1922 was a clarification to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, in which the British government promised the Jewish people a national home in Palestine.


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Blogger 21st Century Kashmiri Nomad said...

As a Israeli I would apperciate your view on a question that I posed on my weblog.

The post dealt with the quesiton of Judaism and democracy. It contains a video debate between Rabbi Meir Kahane and Alan Dershowitz.

I wonder who do you think out of the two was correct?

The link to the debate is here:

Thursday, September 28, 2006 5:41:00 PM

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