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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A quick post from Ramallah

So, I'm in Ramallah, hanging out in the ISM media office. It's really good to be here :)

We are all going to a huge anti-Condi demo in a couple of hours. The demo has been called by all Palestinian armed and political factions to protest her visit in the region. The entirety of Ramallah seems to be on strike, so this will be huge...

I'm sort of terrified, actually. The Palestinian Authority police will be out in big force and tensions will be high. Hopefully, no one will be shot...

Various Israeli media are reporting that the helicopter that crashed yesterday may have been hit by an Israeli missile. Neta seems to think that the army is covering up Hizb'Allah attacks. I disagree. I think they're just an incompetent bunch of morons.

People here are awesome. I love ISM.

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