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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Family Reunification and the Expulsion of Hamas MP's - Connected?

Meron Benvenisti, who is usually pretty rational and who I generally consider a good source of analysis, has written a rather conspiratorial op-ed in Ha'aretz today. He argues that both the approval of the family reunification law and the recent decision to expel Hamas MP's from East Jerusalem are both attempts to prepare the Israeli public for similar racist 'legal' actions in the future.

I think this is nonsense, personally. The Israeli public doesn't care about Arab inhabitants of East Jerusalem. In fact, the public is barely aware these people exist, except when they make noise about some or other racist policy. The government will be able to pass the test of (Jewish) public opinion easily. It does not need such preparatory steps. Rather unusually, Benvenisti is well off the mark here.


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