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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You thought you'd seen everything..

Settlers in Hebron have been attacking Palestinians for years. Recently, they've been attacking 75 year old human rights workers. But this is ridiculous.

By the way, the Jewish settlement in Hebron will be left in its place under Olmert's 'consolidation plan' if Sharon's legacy is to be followed, as:
"The Bush letter did not grant US recognition or legitimacy to any specific Israeli settlements, or guarantee any particulars but the Israeli government interpreted this wording to mean that the US would support Israeli annexation of Ma'aleh Edumim, Gush Etzion, the Israeli settlements in the Hebron area and Ariel."
In March Ra'anan Gissin, the Prime Minister's Foreign Press Spokesperson refused to be drawn on whether or not Olmert's plan would include removing settlers from Hebron:
"IMRA: Since the Hebron Jewish community would be on the wrong side of the security fence would that mean that, ultimately, under Acting PM's Olmert's disengagement plan, that they would be removed from that area?

Gissin: Hebron is not on the wrong side of the fence. Don't ask speculative questions. about something that is not on the agenda of what's going to happen."

There is simply no way any sort of peace will be achieved with these lunatic fundamentalists living in the middle of a Palestinian city.

Hebron, however, is not Gaza. Unlike the latter, it contains major Jewish holy sites, including the tomb of Abraham, which also happens to be a Islamic holy site. The Israeli authorities will have a much harder time removing those who will see themselves as defending the ancient kingdom of Judea:
The restoration of the ancient Israelite kingdoms of Judea and Samaria, which Menachem Begin envisioned, is not only the vision of many Old Covenant Prophets, it is also a New Testament vision.


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