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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Translation of oped by Hamas MP Abu-Tir

Original here. Compare this article to remarks made by Ehud Olmert today:
"Jerusalem will be our's forever, singular and undivided [...] There is no and never has been any other home [...] Between us and Jerusalem there is a binding pact, that will never be violated."
My Jerusalem
For Hamas man Abu Tir Jerusalem Day [1] represents only the Occupation

Jerusalem is everything to me: it's the Holy Land, it's the Al-Aqsa mosque, it's the first Kibla (the direction of prayer). We are permanently tied to Jerusalem. My grandfather was born here, as was his grandfather. We have been here hundreds and thousands of years, and now we fell like strangers in our homeland because of the Israeli Occupation of Jerusalem, that you call 'liberation'.

Despite the fact that you supposedly 'liberated' Jerusalem, the Occupation is present in the city on a daily basis. If you have such a history in this city, why do you need to use force to coerce it? Why is there security guarding the home of each settler? That is proof that there is an occupation by force in this city. We are not against Jews nor against Judaism as a religion. I myself, for example, am forbidden from entering the Al-Aqsa mosque for two weeks. I myself, for example, would not prevent Jews from entering a synagogue.

Each of us feels the exploitation and the Occupation, that began in '67. Everything that the Hebrew state has done so far in Jerusalem has been contrary to international decisions. Israel's strategy aims to Judaize Jerusalem and to uproot Arabs from it. The Israeli right-wing behaves like a mafia and continues to act according to the theories of Rehav'am Ze'evi: no wish to live with Arabs, and attempts to sow seperation and rifts between Mizrachi [Eastern/Arab] Jews and Arabs. In the end, right-wingers are digging their own graves.

He who says the Jerusalem is his eternal capital is not interested in peace and wants to ignite the entire region. We propose the following to you: give us those parts of Jerusalem you conquered in '67, give us the West Bank and release the political prisoners and you will get a hudna [ceasefire] for 20 or even 30 years. All the nations of the region want peace. If the Occupation disappears, this entire region will be able to live in peace and quiet.

Muhammed Abu-Tir is a member of the Palestinian Parliament from Hamas and a resident of East Jerusalem.

[1] Jerusalem Day is the anniversary of the day Israel occupied East Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War. See here for the official Israeli view.


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