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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Some interesting statistics from Iraq

In the middle of a rather silly ultra-humanist article in the NY Times today, Sabrina Tavernise points out some interesting stats about life in Iraq right now:
"The number of acutely malnourished children has more than doubled, to 9 percent in 2005 from 4 percent in 2002, according to a report based on figures from the Planning Ministry that was released this month.

Homelessness has spread since 2003 and accelerated with the rise of sectarian violence, with Iraqis even squatting in an old movie theater in central Baghdad, Ms. Khafaji said. The Ministry of Migration estimates that 1.1 million Iraqis have been displaced since 2003"

It's always good to find the less-reported figures from the war. Internal displacement is so often overlooked. Since there are very few external refugees from Iraq, this figure is very significant.


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