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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Refusal - A Human Duty

A phenomenal piece by Joseph Al'Ghazi in Ha'aretz magazine this weekend. This is hella long, so I'm pretty happy it appeared in English as well as Hebrew...
"In the letters, I described something of our experiences, always careful not to give away "military secrets." After I finished reading Chaplin's book, I allowed myself to quote from it, in free translation, a few lines from the famous speech in "The Great Dictator": "Soldiers! Do not give in to these thugs, to these people who despise and subjugate you ... Who dictate your deeds, your thoughts and your feelings! ... Who treat you like a herd of animals and use you as cannon fodder! You are not machines! You are people! Your heart is brimming with love for humanity! Do not hate!""

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