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Saturday, May 20, 2006

NRA Katrina Campaign

Check this out.

Before I moved to the US, I used to be entirely anti-gun. Since learning more about the self-defense movement here, I've become slightly less so. It seems unlikely to me that civil rights would have been achieved here without the Black Panthers being armed and willing to defend themselves against the brutality of the authorities.

Personally, I have no desire whatsoever to own a gun. I have never touched one and I'm not planning on it. However, if police and army are armed and they use extreme violence to enforce the often fascist dictates of the state, I believe people have the right to defend themselves.

The order to 'shoot to kill' looters after the storm was an example of such fascist behaviour, especially given the perception of black people as 'looters' and whites as 'finders'.

Comments more than welcome. I've also started a thread about this on the Common Ground forums here.


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