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Monday, May 22, 2006

NOLA Elections - Not just about race

An interesting article appeared in the NYTimes today about Nagin's election victory. a lot of people assume that NOLA voting is determined almost purely on racial lines. A little paragraph from the article appears to contradict this:
"Voting along racial lines may be a tradition here, but it is not how Mr. Nagin was elected the first time. In 2002, his first step into politics, he was supported by New Orleans businesses and won more than 80 percent of the white vote but only about 40 percent of the black vote. This time around, the trials of Hurricane Katrina, and the criticism heaped upon him by outsiders, garnered sympathy among blacks."
Another little fact that many people don't seem to know is that Nagin is in fact not black, but rather Creole. While this may seem irrelevant to outsiders, the people of NOLA don't quite see race in black and white terms...


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