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Monday, May 22, 2006

More torture in Zimababwe

"One of those seriously injured was Zimbabwe National Students Union Secretary General Beloved Chiweshe. He said, “The treatment was quite bad. We were beaten thoroughly with clenched fists, baton sticks, wooden sticks. We were asked to roll on the ground and imitate intimate acts. Even our female comrades were asked to lie on the ground and they were assaulted on their backs with baton sticks and I am touched and I am saddened by the treatment we received from the police at Bindura Police Station. But I know the good Lord will judge them harshly.”

Asked what he meant by being made to imitate intimate acts Chiweshe said, “We were asked to lie on the ground naked. We were stripped stark naked and pretend as if you had the companion of a woman and pretend you were being intimate with her while the rest of the officers watched and laughed and mocked you as you were in such an act.”"


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